Monday, August 14, 2006

Our Story

“We go circles and circles

Same issue, same story

Same reasons, same sorry.”

I know you are so fed up, struggling a lot

and so pressured at home and at work

and your patience is getting shorter too

I want to encourage and inspire you

How about a body massage and a foot spa for recovery

and a rest day of peace and quiet for a total relaxing experience

I want to ease your tension and make you feel comfortable.

i know you are strong when you are weak

and I know you are stronger when you are with me.

And nobody else knows you better than me.

Coz ive been with you under one roof

In same room and different rooms with same door and different doors.

Ive seen you so mad (you almost bite my head off)

Ive seen you so sad (I also felt sad)

Ive seen you cry (I also cried)

Ive seen you cry hard (it tears my heart apart)

Ive seen you laugh (you made me laugh loud)

Ive seen you sleep (you made me fall asleep deep)

Ive seen you wake up (you made me wake up pakalit2x)

Ive seen you bite (hait and sakit gamay na mopowa jud)

Ive seen you get cold (wear my jacket or be my blanket)

Ive seen you unwell (I take care of you)

Ive seen you get hungry (I feed you with jellyace)

Ive seen you get tonsolitis (eat water and drink orange)

Ive seen you dance (I am amazed)

Ive heard you sing (I am in heaven)

Ive seen you smile a lot (I smile back upto my ears)

Ive seen you pamper me (I miss you)

Ive seen you take care of me (thank you I appreciate it!)

Ive seen you kiss me (delicious!)

Ive seen you hug me (I feel important!)

Ive seen you fall in love with me (I did too!)


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