Monday, August 14, 2006

Help me conquer my darkside

i want to cry

I want to yell

How much I try

The pain is still there

I want to hit myself on the head

I tried it twice, thrice and a lot of times

I got a bump and a bruise w/c made me feel the pain

I crave for more just to get contented

I grow emotions and manifest anger

I hate myself for doing this to me

I lock my brain not to think

I begin to be vulnerable and a freak

All the doubts I have for myself are coming to conquer me

My weakness is growing big

My strength is getting weak

Dear lord, help me out

Show me the light even though how dark am i.

Whatever envy has done to me

It imprisoned my sanity

And faith is all I have

Help me break out this rage I have

Touch my heart

And torn it apart

Show me the love that’s hiding behind my darkside


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